Individual solutions

Create your own customized packaging and be different. It really counts!


Flexographic printing
Is ideal for displaying your logo or your company directly on the packaging. You will receive your very own customised packaging in up to 2 colours and from 5000 pcs.

Offset printing
Is capable of even more - whether internal, external or even all-around printing: real wonders can be worked on corrugated board or cardboard packaging with up to 6 colours. It is also possible to achive amazing finishing effects with special printing processes - the iceing on the cake for especially elegant packaging.


Customized packaging  Friendly box  Wrap around packaging = flyer  Floral greetings with a difference 


Fine textile collection  Neutral cosmetics in a fresh design Yewellery box printed on the interior  E-food 


Sporty packaging  Super food fresh to your door Here your eyes will open wide!  Shipping packaging for sports goods


Men's elegance, simply packed.  Shipping packaging for European CEP services Beauty from the inside and outside Less is more!


2 in 1 - One box, two pack heights  So simple, but so effective  Boots and shoes well packaged!  Shipping packaging for anti-aging tablets 


Tyrolean shipping packaging  Elegant design  Black is beautifull  Witty shipping boxes for the textile industry  


Distinctive series  Innovative postal boxes for valuable items  Boxes for textile shipping   Smart shipping boxes for textile shipping  


Funky shipping packaging for spices  Appealing wraparound packaging  Catalogue delivery as an attention-getter  Eye-catching packaging for catalogs 


Offset laminated shipping envelope  Postal bags with your trademark   Paper Bags  




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